I hate fighting with my air conditioner to get cool air

My air conditioner is the worst air conditioner that I could ever have. When my air conditioner works, it is a wonderfully chilly air conditioner. However, it rarely ever works properly. I don’t have a digital thermostat, so I have to turn a dial to a colder setting in order to feel it. Last year, when I was using this air conditioner, I had no problems with it. I could set the thermostat to the halfway setting, and the air conditioner would make my apartment downright frosty. I enjoy my apartment being cold, so I had no complaints about the lower temperature. When I had to stop using my air conditioner and start using my furnace, it was with a slight sadness. I liked my air conditioner. However, when I turned on my air conditioner this year, it did not work the same way. I turned the thermostat to the halfway setting, and only the fan came on. As I continued to push the thermostat dial, I reached the ¾ mark, and the air conditioner finally came on. Sometimes, that setting would be good enough, and the air conditioner would make my apartment chilly. Other times, the air conditioner would make the apartment chilly, but after a while, the house would begin to warm up again. Now, I have to leave my air conditioner at the highest setting for it to run. It makes my apartment very cold, but any lower setting will make the air conditioner not run at all. I am not sure what is going on, but I don’t like it. Maybe I should purchase a new air conditioner.

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