Using a thermal camera to find the dead spot

My wife and I decided to buy an old cabin with a lot of upgraded amenities.

The old cabin was quaint and charming on the outside, but inside things were modern and Sleek.

My wife and I were especially happy with the radiant heated flooring. Both of the bedrooms and the master bathroom have radiant heated flooring. We also had a fireplace in the living room to make things cozy. My wife and I didn’t know anything about radiant heated flooring, when we bought the place. We knew things were working at the time, because we purchased the cabin and the middle of October. It was already pretty chilly outside, and our walkthrough included a lengthy description of the radiant floor features. The first time my wife and I had a problem with the radiant flooring, we had to call a specialist to fix and find the problem. My wife called an HVAC company, but they recommended a radiant floor specialist for the job. Luckily, they had the name and number of this person. My wife and I contacted the radiant flooring specialist and made an appointment. They used a thermal camera to find the dead spot in the floor. We could tell that there was no heat near the couch and loveseat, but we didn’t know where the problem was originating. The specialist used a cool thermal camera to find the spot, so we didn’t have to tear everything apart. It was a really neat piece of technology, and one of the more interesting things I have seen in awhile.


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