Moving to hotter temperatures

My mother is such a funny character, however she’s the sweetest little lady plus she cares so much about her children, but however, she’s also a total nut job.

She’s one of the most neurotic plus stressed out humans I’ve ever met, but no matter what is going on in her world, she’s pretty riled up about it, but that’s why I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s currently up in arms about the summer time weather.

She lives in the northern midwest where the weather is less than ideal, however most of the year it is quite cold plus snowy there. She spends every morning going outside plus caring for giant horses in the tundra. She battles feet of snow, blustery wind, plus falling ice. She layers up in clothing to protect against the brutal cold plus option of frostbite. She stomps through an arctic wasteland for 6 weeks of the year, plus complains about it every single morning! It’s understandable that she doesn’t care about the brutal cold plus Winter time weather, but you would know that another season might make her happier. That isn’t the case… Last week, our mom’s weather finally transitioned from Winter time to summer, plus she is not glad. She’s been calling myself and others every morning, complaining endlessly about the silly heat plus humidity. It’s over 70 degrees here, she says in a panic. I’m so tepid plus miserable, I don’t think how I’m going to make it out in the sun today, she says dramatically. I laugh, as I turn down our thermostat in the deep south, plus brace for the 100 degree air temperature outside.
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