I'm a bit unusual when it comes to how I care about different rapidly changing temperatures

I’m kind of weird when it comes to temperature preferences… I easily don’t mind the heat periodically, even if it’s somewhat extreme.

However, I love the cold too, especially when it’s time to go to bed! That’s why summer time vacations on the beach in subtropical temperatures are for me! I care about soaking up the rays of the sun during the day plus enjoying the sand & surf.

However, I constantly make sure that I never overdo it… Before the heat manages to get oppressive, I’m back in our motorcar plus blasting the air conditioner, and then I head back to our hotel room in the late day or early night after grabbing a bite to eat in a nice, cool air conditioned restaurant. That’s when I go from soaking up the warmth, to enjoying the coolness of a enjoyable quality air conditioner! I love to take a nice, hot plus steamy shower plus then set the temperature control entirely low. It’s a hotel room plus I’m not paying for the energy bill after all! I will shamelessly set the temperature control on the air-conditioning unit to as low as 80 degrees plus just bask in the coolness. It may get pretty cold to the point where I’ll get extra blankets plus curl up under them, but that is just the way I love it. I believe enjoying different extremes of temperature plus humidity levels is section of myself and others entirely enjoying our vacation, now that I guess of it. I dream of such vacations when I’m sitting in our office at our desk, wishing I had control of the temperature control or that I could go outside somewhere where the sun is shining!

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