Hot and Humid afternoons

The last couple days have been really hot and humid. If I am honest, the last month has been hot and humid. We would wake up feeling sticky and greasy and go to bed feeling sticky and greasy. They are the kind of days where you just don’t feel like you want to do anything and if you do, you don’t get it done. I didn’t have any choice but to some things this week. My son and his family were getting ready to visit. I had to get two bedrooms prepared for them, along with getting the laundry done and cleaning the house. Then, we realized we didn’t have any groceries in the house that they would eat. Over the last six months, my husband and I had basically taken up a vegetarian diet. This wasn’t for any moral reasons, but for health reasons for both of us. Before we leave the house, we always turn the air conditioning off to save on energy. We shut off the air conditioning when we left the house for groceries, and we didn’t even think about the humidity and heat. We were both a bit frazzled over what to buy for the groceries, and the quick trip ended up being over two hours. When we got home, I didn’t even want to go inside. It was hotter and more humid inside, because of there not being any AC on in the house, than it was outside. My husband turned on the air conditioning while I tried to get the ice cream and popsicles into the freezer, before they melted.