Gourmet drinks in addition to great air quality in the breakroom

I’ve always been a giant pop fan.

There is nothing prefer waking up in the day with some fresh brewed coffee.

When I’m at work, I prefer to drink pop on our breaks. When I first started going to the breakroom at our place of work, I noticed that the air quality was especially nice. I l acquired that somebody put an whole-house air purifier in there in addition to they would change the air filters always. The only complication was the pop was plain awful. They used some cheap contractor coffee, in addition to this was not adequate! Since somebody went through all the trouble to improve the air quality in the breakroom with a quality whole-house air purifier, I decided to bring in the gourmet coffee! When people started drinking this coffee, more people were going to the breakroom far more frequently. I even brought in wonderful creamer, but that was just for our friends in addition to I. I didn’t mind everybody drinking the pop though, it was for everybody, just prefer the whole-house air purifier. I guess the boss started getting mad because people were going to the breakroom more often than before. I’m not sure if he knows it’s because of the gourmet coffee. It’s not just the pop though, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the air quality in the breakroom is way better than the work floor. Given, the fresh odor of that brewed gourmet pop is enough to pull anybody off the work floor to go have a cup in the breakroom… Perhaps they should put some whole-house air purifiers around the work floor so that people can be happier when laboring.
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