Duct cleanings that were well needed

Many people overestimate how scrub their ducttoil is; The average HVAC duct is not as pristine, shiny & free of dirt as the films or cable shows make it out to be! You believe what I’m referring to, of course: Any scene where the main character is sneaking through ducttoil is just not accurate! I believe this to be true, because I’ve been in the ducttoil of our own house! After crawling into a small section of the HVAC ducts, it was no wonder why our indoor air quality was so awful.

I was covered in dirt, dust, & even cobwebs! All this, just from trying to reach far enough into the ducttoil to brush it out! When I saw how filthy I was after touching spots I had just swept, I knew that I needed to call an actual professional service.

The local HVAC maintenance company provided ducttoil cleanings, & would also inspect our heating & s as a courtesy when they performed this cleaning! I thought that was a bargain for sure; So, I called & busy an appointment to have our HVAC ducts cleaned out. When the HVAC workers arrived a few days later, they asked if this was the first time that I had the ducttoil cleaned, & I simply told them that I wasn’t sure. They provided each other a look, smiled & told me to just wait & be amazed. Sure enough, they pulled bag after bag of debris that had been caught up throughout the ducttoil in the house over the past decade! It was incredible that so much had been trapped in the HVAC ducts, though the HVAC maintenance workers made a point to tell me that I could potentially have a leak in our ducttoil anywhere. “That could be why there was so much debris up there”, they explained. I know I’ll get that checked out soon!


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