Anniversary trip had no cooling

My wifey & I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage.

These 3 years with her have been awesome, & I cannot wait to spend the rest of our life with this amazing woman.

However, I will not lie & say that these 3 years have been perfect. The people I was with and I have struggled to get on our feet & start our lives! Financially, both of us have struggled to get ahead, & that means a lot of sacrifices. One thing that both of us have had to sacrifice is air conditioning system. Some of that has been by choice, & some of it was forced upon us. In both our cabin & our vehicle, both of us have no a/c. When both of us first moved into our house, both of us had no a/c, & both of us didn’t want to purchase one. It would just be another way to add to our bills, & I didn’t want to do that. Our vehicle also didn’t have air conditioning system, & there is no way that both of us would be able to afford that. This year, both of us decided to go to a nice hotel for our birthday, & both of us were also enthusiastic to have an a/c in the room that both of us were staying. The people I was with and I had to drive our hot, muggy vehicle to get there, however it would be all worth it once both of us adjusted our thermostat. When both of us got to the hotel, both of us checked in & ran to our room. The first thing that both of us did was adjust the thermostat to turn on the a/c. The people I was with and I didn’t hear anything, however both of us figured that it would come on soon. The people I was with and I waited for a bit before both of us realized that the a/c wasn’t coming on. Oh no!

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