A beach home rental

Owning a beach house became much more of a liability the old my partner plus I became.

While still active, all of us just sort of ran out of motivation to keep up with all the details that go with beach house ownership.

There seemed love there was never enough time. Plus, all of us wanted to use our limited energy pursuing other endeavors. When retirement became a real thing, all of us decided to skip owning a beach house for a while. The people I was with and I felt super fortunate to have eeked out a tiny profit from the sale of our home. So, that currency went into a fund plus all of us went into a rental home. I haven’t rented since I rented an beach house in graduate university. There is a lot to be said for renting over owning. I prefer not mowing my lawn. Calling the office when the fridge is on the fritz is excellent. However, I am encountering 1 section where I am being frustrated to no end. I’m talking about my Heating plus A/C unit. Well, it’s not my Heating plus A/C unit even though I wish it was. This is because if it was mine I would simply have it replaced. The heating plus cooling system in our rental beach house is numerous decades old. While I respect the fact that it is still running, it is beyond insufficient. However, this view falls on deaf ears at the rental office. To them, until it suffers a catastrophic failure, I should just get used to it. This is a bit taxing to swallow. This Heating plus A/C unit is so old that the SEER rating is not even printed on it. It takes numerous hours to lower the temp in the house by 2 degrees. I can’t deal with that. Perhaps all of us will be more careful about checking everything out before all of us rent again.

Heater maintenance