The little dehumidifier certainly worked

My mom plus Mom has a nice in-ground pool with a screened enclosure! It’s absolutely the nicest thing about the whole house, and when our brother plus I were adolescents, our parents swore they would never buy a pool, they didn’t even want to purchase 1 of those vinyl pools with a liner. When our brother plus I went to school, they decided to build a pool in the backyard. They also built a small cabana plus fenced enclosure. The whole project must have sent them back $50,000, although I never asked, but my mom plus Mom paid for our brother plus I to attend 4 years of school, plus I never asked how they paid for that either, a few months ago, our mom called with some issues, but he was sad about the humidity in the cabana. Apparently there has been some visible mold in the corners of the cabana. I told our mom that he should buy a small dehumidifier. My mom proinspected, plus he bought a fan instead. She called the next day plus said the fan was not providing any relief. I told our mom to buy a dehumidifier again, plus this time he listened to our advice. She bought a small dehumidifier from the Supercenter, plus he plugged it in behind the couch. In 24 hours, the indoor air quality was crisp, cool, plus free of any musty smell. My mom called to give myself and others an update, plus he was really gleeful with the appealing results. I was gleeful to help in glad our mom listened to our dehumidifier advice.
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