Spending the days barefoot

Most of my friends think that I have totally gone around the bend.

They could be right even though I think I’m easily on to something here.

The thing is that I am choosing a very non traditional region of the country to retire to. That’s right, I’m headed to the center of the country to live my dream retirement. I was once located in the middle states for work. I enjoyed the people, the culture plus well just everything about it. I even prefer the weather there. I think this is the section that all my friends don’t understand. I love just being comfortable in my Heating plus A/C controlled house doing my thing. I don’t necessarily need to be in the sun or playing tennis to prefer my life. Plus, I easily prefer the winter. I love the snow plus I love having awarmbeach house to cozy up in. Really, my needs are quite straight-forward. That’s what makes it so straight-forward to do what I’m doing. My plans are also made more straight-forward by the option of my Heating plus A/C unit. My new beach house will be heated plus cooled through the use of a geothermal Heating plus A/C system. The system utilizes the earths near constant temps to provide heating plus cooling. It is easily pretty straight-forward. There is a long tube that loops out plus back from my house. This tube then extracts heat or cool energy plus transfers it to water. This water then circulates through my beach house via copper tubing under my floors. When it’s easily frigid out, there is a small gas furnace which supplements heat for the water. So, my friends can think I’m ridiculous but I’m gonna be barefoot in my beach house for the rest of my life!

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