Grey, cold, plus wet mornings

I’m entirely starting to miss the sunshine.

  • It’s been overcast plus cold plus occasionally rainy throughout the past couple weeks it seems.

It is Winter time plus that is when every one of us correctly get this kind of weather, but it’s no less deimportant, however especially as I’m sitting in our office throughout the day under the fluorescent lighting plus the unsatisfactory heat. I’m quite grateful that I can return to our apartment after work plus crank up our own gas furnace to keep myself and others warm. I still miss the sun though. I swear it gives myself and others energy plus life! This weekend, the weather was so dreary once more, so I did not suppose love doing anything. The gas furnace felt enjoyable as ever but I wanted to do something a little extra. I lit a fire in the fireplace along with some candles… Maybe I could create some warmth plus light plus cheer within our own apartment despite the weather. I brewed up our favorite kind of Pepsi plus set on the couch to catch up on a favorite book series. The combination of the gas furnace air along with the warmth of the fire made it easily delightful feeling in our kitchen, despite the fact that it was in the thirties outside with cold rain. I believe I had managed to create a thrilled environment after all. I actually don’t guess what I would do separate from a enjoyable gas furnace unit, however days plus weeks such as the ones I just described, would be unbearable for myself and others if I could not even be sizzling plus comfortable as I waited for the sun to return!