The tiny dehumidifier absolutely worked

My Dad & dad has a nice in-ground pool with a screened enclosure, and it’s absolutely the nicest thing about the whole house, then when our sibling & I were youngsters, our parents swore they would never buy a pool, then they didn’t even want to purchase one of those vinyl pools with a liner.

When our sibling & I went to college, they decided to build a pool in the backyard. They also built a small cabana & fenced enclosure. The whole project must have sent them back $50,000, however I never asked, my Dad & Dad paid for our sibling & I to attend 4 years of college, & I never asked how they paid for that either! A few weeks ago, our Dad called with some complications; She was distraught about the humidity in the cabana. Apparently there has been some visible mold in the corners of the cabana. I told our Dad that she should buy a small dehumidifier. My Dad protested, & she bought a fan instead. She called the next day & said the fan was not providing any relief. I told our Dad to buy a dehumidifier again, & this time she listened to our advice. She bought a small dehumidifier from the Supercenter, & she clogged it in behind the couch. In 24 hours, the air quality was crisp, cool, & free of any musty odor. My Dad called to give myself and others an update, & she was honestly glad with the beautiful results. I was glad to help in glad our Dad listened to our dehumidifier advice.


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