Repairing my buddy’s portable air conditioning unit

I’ve always thought of myself as being pretty handy with tools and home repairs. I can handle most repairs on my car too, from a simple tire change and spark plug replacement to an engine tune-up! I have all the tools and equipment necessary to handle this at home in my garage, but I’ve never thought to use my “workshop” as a place to repair other appliances. That is, until a buddy of mine asked me to fix up his portable air conditioning unit. This was one of those models that fits into a window in a house or apartment, and can be bought for next to nothing! I get the appeal of these window A/C units since they can technically be installed anywhere, but they aren’t the most long-lasting option. Still, I decided I would try using my garage as a workshop to fix up his air conditioning unit – or at least try to do it. He told me it wasn’t blowing cold air anymore, but when I plugged the unit in to test it, the portable air conditioning unit wasn’t blowing anything at all! I checked the refrigerant line, too – it was fully charged. I figured the motor for the blower fan must be broken or burned out, so I opened up the unit and checked it out. Sure enough, I found that the motor was totally burned out! My friend must’ve been running this window A/C unit for days and nights without a single stop. I was able to find a replacement motor for the blower fan at this hobby shop near my house, and got the window A/C unit working again!


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