My boy decided to be a vegetarian

When my kid told myself and others he was going to be a vegetarian, I almost laughed. I don’t guess people who are vegetarians or vegans, is a funny thing. I guess everyone has the right to practice their beliefs plus if this is a lifestyle they practice, I respect that. His partner plus his family are forcing this on her. My kid likes his meat just love he likes his heating in the winter, which is something else he is trying to push on her. He wants to keep the apartment between sixty-multiple plus sixty-eight. She wants the apartment to be between seventy plus seventy-multiple. When he goes to work, he turns the thermostat up to seventy-two so he can be warm. Before he gets home, the thermostat is turned back down to sixty-multiple. She knows that he will suppose the gas furnace has been running, because of the use of fuel plus energy. When he called myself and others in tears because he was angry with his for touching the thermostat, I thought I was right in telling his that he had to labor it out. Now, his family is forcing his to go vegetarian with them because of the added cost of his meals. My kid works for a Heating as well as Air Conditioning business, plus he makes fantastic cash. Their a/c equipment was purchased at cost because of his laboring for the business. If he is so upset about cash, then maybe he should get a strange task instead of laboring for his father. Without her, they wouldn’t even have health insurance, even though he says he wants his to be a stay at apartment partner now. I hope he dumps him plus comes home, although I won’t interfere.

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