Storms plus chilly weather

I realized that it wasn’t so tepid the last month, however it was the humidity that was making it suppose outrageously warm.

Today, it is going to be the same temperature as the day before.

The windows are open plus the breeze is blowing through the house, while I am on the verge of shivering. The difference is that there is such low humidity outside, that the air itself feels cooler. We have been able to turn off the air conditioner for the first time in weeks. Without the a/c, everything was getting a musty suppose plus smell. We had a wet, sticky suppose to all of the countertops. All of our clothing plus bed linens felt damp. I had to do some labor upstairs to prepare the spare room for guests, plus I was dripping with sweat within hours. I had the a/c on high during the room, wondering if our guests were going to be able to sleep here. With the change in humidity, the people I was with and I were able to turn the a/c off. If I had known that the air was going to change so seriously overnight, I easily would have waited plus done the upstairs labor on the day our guests were going to arrive. I wouldn’t have needed the a/c plus simply opening a window would have made a large difference… I can only hope this weather holds up for the entire weekend. On Wednesday, the people I was with and I are taking the youngsters to the zoo, plus I am not wanting to be out in the sunlight if the humidity is going to be easily high.

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