Stolen by the kids

I swear, I really need to move out of this town I live in.

It used to be a really good suburban area, plus all the people was care about family to each other, and however, as the years went on, times changed, plus for the worst! This town this week is over ran by teenagers who just steal plus destroy things for fun.

It is really disgusting to tell you the truth! After what just happened to be the other week, that was our final cue to start looking for a new home. Would you believe these teenagers entirely went into our backyard with a pict plus shovel, plus they dug up plus stole our heat pump! Why on earth would they do such a thing as steal a heat pump!? If you think about it, what could a bunch of dumb teenagers even do with a heat pump. It’s not care about they could sell it. They would get caught pretty quick! Especially since I reported to the police that our heat pump was stolen, lucky for me though, I had a warranty from our heating plus a/c provider that covered any kind of damage or theft. I always thought the theft part was a little funny. I thought to myself, who would want to steal a heat pump, plus how could they even do it? Well, I got our answer! I really hope these teenagers end up getting caught for something far worse than stealing a heat pump plus go to jail. I was just so glad I was able to get our heat pump replaced at no cost.


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