Reflections on two very different climates

I recently got back from a vacation in a much colder climate than the one I live in. Maybe I had gotten used to the excessive heat and humidity where I live, but it was never more apparent to me then when I returned. From the moment the airplane landed and I walked through the connecting bridge into the airport, that old familiar heat was all too apparent. Where I was vacationing, it was pleasantly cool and mild during the day, yet cold at night, with low humidity. When I walked out of the airport terminal and into the hot sun, I just wanted to return to such pleasant weather. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I stepped outside, because the airport had such good air conditioner. Apparently the heat index was 110 degrees when I returned that afternoon. I got in my nice, cool air conditioned car and headed home, and it made me realize something. I simply would not be able to put up with this climate and this weather were it not for good air conditioning. I started to think maybe I would be happier up where I vacationed. Then, I remembered something: it was the middle of summer up there when I visited. It was just about the warmest time of year and I probably would not have enjoyed it quite as much in the winter, when snowfall is greater than most U.S. cities and the temperatures are abysmal! Well, at least I have a powerful air conditioner in my home, and as long as that’s the case I can handle the heat around here!

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