My thermostat told me that I had high levels of humidity in my home

Technology is so advanced these days.

  • I’m so surprised that small pieces of technology can hold such valuable and important information.

For example for Christmas, my boyfriend and I received a smart wi-fi thermostat. These smart wi-fi thermostats are such a good investment and I highly recommend that people buy them and install them in their home. Sometimes people may not be very handy when it comes to installing heating and cooling equipment. So if there’s any kind of speculation, even after following the thermostat instructions, just reach out to a licensed heating and cooling technician and they would be able to install the thermostat for you. However there would have to be a service charge because the heating cooling technician is coming out to you to do a service. Anyways, the coolest thing about smart wi-fi thermostats is that it can be adjusted remotely. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re in a different state, or on your way home from work, or in another country, you can control your home’s temperature just by adjusting the temperature through a user friendly app. The other day while I was at work, I got an immediate notification through my phone by my thermostat’s app that my home had high levels of humidity. I thought it was so cool that my thermostat could pick up humidity levels and alert me. Humidity levels are caused by either a door or window being open, or just that the temperature outside is very humid. Humidity is a negative thing for a home. Humidity can cause not only distress to you while you’re in your home but it can also affect furniture as well. Smart thermostats are great and they should be highly considered when buying a new thermostat.


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