Bad heating and cooling company driver

Yesterday I was on my way to work.

  • It was raining outside and of course I was stuck in traffic.

I always have to leave my house at least 20 minutes before just so I make sure I get to work on time. I was in my car, in the left lane and a van cut me off. He almost hit me and cut right in front of me. On the back of the van it read, “Johnson’s Heating and Cooling Company.” This heating and cooling company van could not drive whatsoever. I had a feeling that this driver was late to a heating, ventilation and cooling appointment. If I ever drove a company car I would never drive like how this hvac van was driving. This driver could have seriously caused an accident. The funny thing about this is that there was a number on the back of the van and it read how am I driving. I should have called that number and complained about how the HVAC technician was driving and how careless he was being. I didn’t end up calling the phone number on the back of the van. However seeing hvac van, despite the bad driving, was a good reminder that I needed to schedule HVAC air duct cleaning for my system. I always try to schedule my air duct cleaning around this time just so my hvac system, especially my air conditioning system, is able to take on the harsh temperatures. You would be surprised on the amount of dust and debris that sits and grows in your air duct system. it’s very bad if you do not clean your air ducts because it can lead to respiratory problems and viruses too. I was happy but annoyed that I saw that HVAC van today.

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