A romantic heating device

A few times a week, me plus our bestie of many years have a quiet passionate night at our house.

I have one of those built in electric fireplaces that really adds to the mood that we set together, this last time we had our special time together by the fireplace, things went a little wrong plus well…it messed up the whole night.

My electric fireplace ended up breaking down right after breakfast! You wouldn’t think that was a real big deal, however, it was! The reason being, is that it was frigid outside, plus our fireplace was not only giving the passionate setting, however it was also keeping the dining room nice plus warm! That was the only heating I had. My central heating idea I had got rid of to save on energy costs, and, I believe what you may be thinking…no, I do not have a space oil furnace either! So, we had to end our passionate night really early. And then, I had to go plus call a fireplace repair guy to come out as soon as possible to repair our now broken down electric fireplace! I am thankful that at least in the family room, I have another electric fireplace that was fully laboring. I can’t say our night was passionate, but, because of the electric fireplace in the family room, at least we were able to go in there to get warm. And from there, I am sure you can figure out what we did to pass the time! Yep, you believe what I am talking about, right?

Geo heat pump