Running checks on the a/c

My wifey and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

He took me to our number one sushi pizzeria and then I walked out on the nearby fishing pier to watch the sunset over the ocean.

It was a attractive evening that had me thinking about our future and the truly real opening of marriage. I was hardly ever obsessed with the idea, however it surely crossed our mind while the people I was with and I were in our weeks of time together. I entirely thought about marriage more with him than with any other partner I’ve ever had. To test the waters a bit, I have been encouraging our wifey to stay over at our beach house to see what a trial run of us living together would be like. I want to see how the people I was with and I get along side by side on a yearly basis before I allow myself to become anymore hopelessly attached than I am right now. Thus far, the people I was with and I have got along harshly well and he even cleans around the beach house and offers to cook for me always. Unfortunately, the people I was with and I had our first serious confrontation Last yearafter I came beach house from labor 1 evening. He stayed beach house that day to rest from having a chest cold. When I walked in the door, the air felt moderate and humid, as if the cooling system had been turned off for the entire duration of the afternoon. I looked at the temperature control and it was reading 72 degrees in the beach house with 60 degrees being the target temperature. Not a second went by before I got livid and demanded our wifey explain what he was thinking. The cooling system had frozen from moisture building up and turning into ice on the evaporator coil, essnetially preventing any of the air to get chilled. The air coming from the vents was moderate to the touch and it took and hour of letting the component rest to get it to fully defrost and labor again.

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