I'm going to HVAC school too

My best neighbor Gary & I have known each other for 15 years.

The two of us met in the second grade, when every one of us played soccer, baseball, & pigskin together, then gary is a beautiful guy, & she is smart & handsome, then she could go to college anywhere, & she chose to attend HVAC technical college.

When I heard the news, I decided to attend theHVAC technical college too. My Dad & dad were not honestly glad with the decision, because they honestly wanted myself and others to go to college. I knew college wasn’t right for me, however I just didn’t guess what I wanted to do with our life. When Gary told myself and others about HVAC college, I was interested immediately. They have classes on a/c repairs, furnace replacements, rewiring thermostats, & even smart cabin technology. The classes look fun & interesting. I have to take a couple of intermediate classes first, because I do not have a lot of device knowledge or electronics knowledge. I took the sitement test before talking to our Dad & dad, & I scored well. I only have to take these 2 classes, even though Gary has to take a math & an English class. I suppose every one of us guess which one of us excels in which areas. My Dad & dad will eventually come around, however I am honestly glad about our choice. I’m glad Gary made the decision at first, because I assume it helped point myself and others in the right direction, but even though our Dad & dad assume this is a wild & silly choice, I assume it feels care about the right thing for me.


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