Contractor and HVAC

I toil from home, and I toil what you would call the fourth shift.

I don’t go to sleep till sunrise, so while the rest of the world is starting their day, mine is ending.

For the last few years, I have had a neighbor who I think is an Heating and Air Conditioning worker who entirely gets an early start, and before I go to bed, I am having a little cup of tepid coco, and while I sit by our window, I see the Heating and Air Conditioning worker go out and start his Heating and Air Conditioning truck. I entirely didn’t suppose that heating and A/C specialists can start their day at 6 in the morning! As far as I knew, most heating and cooling companies don’t open till around 9 or so. But this neighbor of mine, who appears to be a certified heating and A/C specialist, gets up bright and early, and every single weekday is in his Heating and Air Conditioning truck at 6am. It kind of gives me a little more respect for the heating and cooling profession to be honest. I never realized that some of these certified heating and A/C workers get that much of an early start! Although, I might be wrong all together; Maybe this Heating and Air Conditioning workman neighbor of mine is just going to supper everyday before he heads off to the local heating and A/C supplier he works for. I may go and ask him sometime. I don’t suppose our neighbor well as both he and I keep to ourselves, we’re just those kind of people from what it looks like.



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