Getting my Heating and a/c substituted

The last 6 weeks have been nothing but stress for me.

  • I managed to escape a series of layoffs at my supplier as the stock value plummets.

But, despite holding onto my employment, I was demoted & given a spend money cut. This coincided with a series of financial burdens, one after the next. I had to substitute the catalytic converter in my SUV or my exhaust wouldn’t labor consistently, setting me back several hundred dollars out of nowhere. To make matters even worse, there was a giant earthquake in my area that broke some of my collectables & injured a few glass windows. Nothing was extremely extravagant to substitute, but the monetary toll was adding up by the afternoon. Now, I am faced with my toughest economic challenge yet. I have serious roof injure that has to be repaired within the next few afternoons before it rains again & causes additional water injure. Unfortunately, this is coinciding with the date I stressed numerous months ago to have my 12 year old air conditioning substituted. I am set to earn a newer model with more energy efficiency. It also runs on a coolant that is less toxic for the environment. Although I had to schedule the date in advance, I did not spend money upfront. This meant that I would need to find the currency to have both tasks done in the exact same week. The task of finding the currency was proving impossible until my parents graciously loaned me what I needed at the zero hour when payment was due. Although I’ll be sad about my finances for months to come, I’m just glad the maintenance & installation labor is finally finished.