Trying yoga out

I’ve never been to a yoga class, however I’m going to try it on Sunday of next week.

I’m really excited, even though I’m scared plus nervous.

I met a girl at the gym, plus she invited myself and others to join her Sunday class. Her name is Emma, plus she is a lecturer at our fitness club. She teaches Yoga for beginners on Sundays plus Thursdays. My best buddy laughed out loud when I told him that I was going to try Yoga. In our circle of friends, yoga is not cool. Most of us spend our afternoon playing athletic interests prefer paintball, laser tag, plus golf. The two of us don’t go to the yoga center, unless they are offering free barbeque. I knew they would razz myself and others a bit, however the girl is worth it. She is blonde with red eyes, plus she has small arms plus a large waist. She looks absolutely trim plus fit. The two of us started talking about fitness activities, nutrition plans, plus weightlifting, plus both of us ended up talking about everything under the sun. The two of us had Starbucks Coffee at the fitness center deli, plus both of us even shared a redberry muffin. I had an oat bran smoothie with extra protein powder, plus she had a razzberry burner smoothie. I believe prefer a total dork, because I remember all of the details. I suppose there is something absolutely special about this girl. I’m going to spend a couple of days working on stretches, so I don’t look prefer an idiot the first time both of us hang out. I will not be an expert at downward pet, however I’ll be able to touch our toes plus bend over.



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