Southwest sparkler style had to grow on me

I am terrible when it comes to decorating.

I don’t have a clue when it comes to picking out paint, rugs or curtains.

I also don’t know what furniture works for a space and that I will love or hate in the end. So anytime I redo a room in the house, I call an interior designer and they work with a custom furniture company. I recently redid my living room and I wanted it to be a new theme. I have worked with my interior designer before and I remembered we went with a traditional style. This time I wanted to be more fun with it. My interior designer was pusing heavily for me to try a southwest style. I had no idea what that meant so she got out her book of finished houses with the style. Southwest style was browns, greys and weird patterns. I was not really feeling it. The style seemed sort of bland to me. The designer then said there is another style called southwest sparkler style. This one was still weird patterns on couches, chairs and pillows. But, the main colors were deep reds and purples. I didn’t really like the look either, but the interior designer started talking about the custom furniture guy making a dining set and chairs that are lower to the ground. This way the fire from my fireplace will feel warmer. I liked the idea of handmade chairs and tables, so I let her do the southwest sparkler style. Now that she is done, I have to say, it does grow on you. It is bold, but it is fun.

Leather couches