Custom made couch for snobby brother

My brother is such a snob. He has the best of everything. He has the best clothing, shoes, car and home out of all my siblings. He spent so much money on his new living room that it almost makes me sick to think about it. Instead of buying a couch at a store, my brother got a custom made couch. He contacted a custom furniture business to craft the couch to the room. Also, my brother is over 6 feet tall. Apparently a basic couch is not that comfortable for him. The backrest to seat ratio is too short for him. So the custom furniture store made the seat longer and the couch lower to the ground. He also picked out the softest, darkest, best quality fabric for the couch. It is an amazing couch, I will admit it. If he would have stopped there, I would have said I see why he went the custom couch route. But, my brother hired an interior designer to match his couch with everything in the room. He got a new rug, a custom made coffee table and a wooden TV stand. The walls are painted, curtains were added and new throws were added for accent touches. The custom furniture and interior design made his living room look like a showroom. It is so amazing to look at and I am very jealous. I do have moments though where I am just shocked he went to such lengths for one room in his house. It must have been so expensive to do.

Custom built couches