Making our business thrive

Okay I will admit to a certain lack of ambition being a single of my shortcomings.

Every lady I have ever had pointed this out at a single time or another, despite the fact that I believe I am nice with it.

I just don’t appreciate climbing the corporate ladder or finding a “job” to invest my life into. I appreciate my life just fine, and if I didn’t need currency I wouldn’t work at all. I don’t understand people who based their lives around work, it should be the other way around. To each their own, I suppose, but for me a job is just a way to fund the fun parts of life. I work for a printing service, and I have been here for almost several years at this point. There is no room for promotion here at the printers, and my pay raises are consistently teeny tiny, but the work is low stress as none of my checks have ever bounced. In all that time, I have legitimately l acquired a lot about printers and the printing industry in general. The world of printing has started to evolve rapidly in the last few years, scrambling to find a way to stay relevant in a world when up-to-date home printers were of increasing quality and cheapness. There was less and less demand for a professional printing service, because almost anyone could print out high quality photos and documents at home. At the same time, the cost of up-to-date printers with the tech needed to print on a professional level is legitimately lavish, so I may be out of work soon.



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