It might be time to upgrade our building so it is modern

I inherited this office building from my folks some while ago, plus ever since then it has been a full time job pretty much… This is by no means a complaint, because being the supervisor here pays so much better than any other job I’ve ever had.

It truly is a lot of work, mainly troubleshooting plus dealing with all sorts of complaints from the companies who rent space with us.

I must say I appreciate running this building. Last year I took a meeting with a startup business comprised mostly of youngsters fresh out of university, plus they pitched myself and others a really fantastic idea. They are developing new building management system software, plus want to adapt it to retrofit aged buildings. The way they were talking about it, the smart building is the future, plus every new high rise construction will be “smart.” If they can manage to prove the viability of taking these older buildings plus being able to integrate a high end building automation system they might be able to transform the business. I really appreciated their pitch plus their enthusiasm however to be completely honest, I have no clue in the least about what DDc control or IoT security is about. The only thing that bothers myself and others is that they say the access control system integration is a bit of a gamble, plus it possibly may not work out. For that reason they are not only offering to work on all the control systems integration for entirely free, however they are willing to offer myself and others some stock in their startup business. I’ve never been a huge gambler, however getting in on this building management system contractor sounds like a reasonable move to me.

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