It might be a good move to upgrade this old building

I inherited this very old office building from my parents a few years ago, and ever since then it has been a very demanding job.

This is certainly not a complaint, because being the manager here pays quite a bit better than any other task I’ve ever had… It is a great deal of work, mostly troubleshooting and dealing with complaints from the places of business who rent here, although I must say I care about it a lot.

Last year I took a meeting with a startup comprised mostly of guys freshly out of college, and they pitched a rather neat idea. They are developing new building management system software, and they are trying to adapt it to retrofit old buildings. The way they explained it to me, the smart building is the wave of the future, and every new high rise construction will certainly be “smart.” If they can manage to prove the viability of taking outdated buildings and being able to integrate an advanced building automation system they might be able to revolutionize the whole business. I enjoyed their pitch and their enthusiasm however to be totally perfectly honest, I don’t know anything when it comes to what DDc control or IoT security is all about. The only thing that troubles me is that they admit the access control system integration is somewhat of a gamble, and it may not go as expected. For that reason they are offering to work on all the control systems integration for no cost, and also some stock in their startup dealer. I’ve never been a sizable gambler, however getting in on this building management system business sounds like a good idea to me.


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