You need some expensive repairs

It seems that if there is a con man around, he will inevitably get to my mom.

I remember my dad pretending he was tossing out a fishing pole and reeling in a fish.

He said mom was so gullible it was like going fishing in a barrel of fish. I thought he was being cruel sometimes, and I could never figure out why my mom would laugh and slap his arm. He was so right, because my mom didn’t like telling anyone no Even when it came to having services done in the house, if they told her it was some amount, she would never question it. When she had her HVAC service maintenance done on the air conditioner, I was really worried because she had called a different HVAC company. Three days later, she asked if I could come over and talk to her for a little bit because she needed my input. She told me that the HVAC technician had told her she needed a special kind of coil in her air conditioner and that it was going to cost her a huge amount of money. I called my uncle and he told me that there was nothing wrong with the air conditioner. He said that even if it did need a coil, it was not going to cost her over a thousand dollars and there wouldn’t be any ordering, because it was a part they kept in stock. Since it was my uncle who told us this information, she called the other HVAC company and told them she did not want them to repair her air conditioner.

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