You need HRV

An unfortunate result of living year round down South is during the summer time the doors & windows are always kept closed throughout the sizzling season.

Most current home doors and windows are sealed up slender to keep all the treated air from readily leaking out.

Of course, this is a fantastic thing because it saves so much money on energy bills & added wear & tear on Heating & A/C units each day. But there is a drawback to a tightly sealed home. The indoor air locked inside the current home can become stale because there is extremely limited fresh air entering the home. Often, this results in unpleasantly dank air which just gets recycled over & over again. I have previously attempted to get rid of the stale air through sprays or candles but to be honest, they never absolutely work. But there is a new idea that does work. It’s called a heat reclaim ventilator, otherwise known as HRV. These ventilators pull out the same amount of gross stale air as is pulled in from the outside air. The beauty is there is no massive energy loss due to the HRV use. The efficiency which is created by having a slender current home is then not wasted into the environment. The HRV is able to turn over the air in a current home without losing any volume of the treated air. So, the HRV is able to quickly upgrade all the vented air with fresh air from outside. Anyone who lives down in the South knows the delight of finally being able to throw the windows open at the end of summer. But, the HRV unit helps us appreciate the summer time with fresher household air.

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