My sister hates our air conditioning.

Not too long ago, my sister moved in with me.

  • I’m not really happy to have her with me, but she had nowhere else to go.

Her husband didn’t want her anymore, my parents wouldn’t let her come home, and she really truly had nowhere else to go. It’s not that I wanted her in my home, because she was a real pain, but I had no choice. I was sitting in my bedroom, trying to get some work done, a couple weeks ago when she came into my room. She stood there staring at me and she told me that the air conditioning in her room was not working. I just shrugged and told her to change the thermostat. She rolled her eyes and walked away. A couple minutes later, she came back into my room and told me that the thermostat wasn’t working and I needed to do something. I told her that if she needed to have more air conditioning then she could call the HVAC company. I was shocked when she came back in and told me she had called the HVAC company and they would be there in about an hour. It was a little less than an hour when my doorbell rang. There stood a HVAC tech and he said he was here to check my air conditioning. I told him my AC was working well and that what was wrong was that my sister didn’t know how to use a thermostat. He went in and checked the thermostat and came out laughing. The thermostat had still been on heat instead of cool. He didn’t charge me for the service call.

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