Keep it efficient

An unfortunate result of living down South these days while in the summer time is the doors plus windows are kept tightly closed throughout the hot season.

Most house are sealed up slim to try and keep all the treated air from leaking out.

Of course, this is a truly unbelievable thing because it saves money on utility bills plus a huge amount of added wear plus tear on HVAC units. But there is another large downside to a tightly sealed home. The air inside the house can easily become stale because there is limited fresh air entering the entire home. Often, this results in dank air which just gets reused and recycled over plus over again. I have attempted to get rid of the stale air through tons of sprays or candles however they never genuinely work. But there is an alternative method that does work. It’s called a heat reusey ventilator or HRV. These little ventilators pull out the same amount of stale air as is pulled in from the fresh outside air. The beauty is there is no energy loss due to the HRV use. The high efficiency created by having a slim house is then not wasted. The little HRV is able to turn over the air in a house without losing any of the expensive treated air. So, the HRV is able to update all the vented air with loads fresh air from outside. With an HRV component a homeowner won’t even need to worry about having to use other substances to disguise the odor of the air. The HRV component helps us live through the summer time with fresher household air.


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