I need my beauty sleep

Have you ever awakened and you realize that it is really cold in the house.

This isn’t so bad if it is just the fact that your thermostat wasn’t working properly, or maybe you forgot to set the thermostat to come up in temperature before you wake up.

Either way, it is quite a shock to your body when you throw off the covers and get so cold you pull the covers back over you and close your eyes. I have been there and I feel your pain. I love getting my beauty sleep, but when I wake up, I want my home to be warm and cozy. I usually check the thermostat before I lay down, so I know that it will be warm when I wake up. To make sure I don’t need to worry about this, I do my regular maintenance checks on my HVAC system. I call the HVAC company, early in the fall, and I request they come out and do maintenance and repair on my furnace. They come to the house and they clean the furnace, go over everything inside, and if there is anything that could cause problems in the future, it is repaired. This is an important part of being the owner of a furnace. It is important even if you just want to wake up and have a warm house. I hate waking up and feeling the cold, so I make my appointment for maintenance and repair, when they finish up the current year. Most of the time, they will even find someone to clean the ductwork for me, and that is really alarming when that dirt and debris comes out.

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