Hot tub, hot times

I honestly have been overly excited as soon as I rolled out of bed this particular day. This week is finally the day that all of us get our really exciting, current Heating & A/C unit installed. The Heating & A/C pros came out to see us yesterday to double check everything & ripped out the seasoned system for us. The HVAC duct needed a bit of resealing & rehanging. The ducts weren’t horrifically sagging everywhere & only needed a few to be repositioned. Strangely, I always have consistently tried to be cognizant of the air ducts. I even regularly have them cleaned by professionals every few years. Now, that step complete, all that is left is for the Heating & A/C pros to put in my high tech Heating & A/C unit. Replacing the seasoned Heating & A/C unit with one that officially has a SEER rating of 26 will actually have a great impact on the monthly utility bill. This current heat pump also comes with a variable speed motor installed which also helps with efficiency. The variable speed motor cuts down vastly on the wasted energy during Heating & A/C preliminary up. High speed is only necessary when the temps outside are scorching in the afternoon. The variable speed fan is called an electronically commutated motor otherwise known as ECM. These type motors are able to beginning & stop quite slowly which makes a large difference in energy usage. The coolest thing about this particular current heat pump is that it will heat my sizzling tub! The new heat pump is equipped with a special valve that uses all our wasted heat to moderate up the sizzling tub. Maybe I am a bit too excited about this. I mean after all, it is just a heat pump.


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