Great storage space in need of heat

We now have a perfect location for storage and our home is beautiful

We live in an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and just love the peace and quiet. There are plenty of trees, acres of land, and we rarely have visitors because we are out so far. About six months ago our daughter came home with the exciting news that she was getting married. They wanted to have the wedding on our property and invite their guests to camp out on the property which meant it was time to spruce the place up. If you know anything about farmhouses, they were built for working and sleeping, most people did not have much aside from the basics, so the idea of closet space was not given much thought. Now, we all have too much stuff and I have nowhere to put it. This presents a problem when you are going to have nearly a hundred people on your property for an entire weekend. I wanted the place to look and feel perfect. We started thinking of how we could create a storage space to hold all of the stuff we wanted to hide from view. We would need every bedroom that was available so we couldn’t just throw it in there. My husband decided that building shelving above the bard was best. I agreed, but told him that many of our belongings would be ruined by the elements so we would need some sort of climate control up there. This meant putting insulation in the roof and walls and installing some sort of ductless unit up there that could provide heat and cooling. Thankfully there are very reasonable units on the market that are electric, energy efficient, and require minimal maintenance. We now have a perfect location for storage and our home is beautiful. We are looking forward to the big day and welcoming all of our guests.

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