Egads, not again!

The two of us always have a bunch of trouble during the winter season, in addition to the fact this is mostly due because of our cabin situation.

  • The two of us certainly knew that things would be difficult when the two of us purchased a cabin in a very cold area of the country.

Still, the two of us that we would be just fine with our furnace in addition to other heating ensembles. The two of us had a nice furnace in addition to a fireplace right in the middle of the cabin. Things were certainly pretty good, until the first winter when problems began with our heating components. The two of us didn’t have anyone to call for help, because we were so far away from civilization. The two of us spent a fortune five years ago, so that we could keep this from happening again in the future. We spent several thousands of dollars on a new furnace, that was top of the line in addition to quite energy efficient. Last weekend, we had more problems with the furnace. I don’t know if it’s certainly the person installing it in addition to the brand of the Furnace, but apparently this type of equipment certainly can’t handle temperatures that are several degrees below zero. I don’t know what the two of us are going to do about this distinct heating problem, but we’re certainly happy to have several different ways to heat our beach cabin in the meantime. The fireplace usually keeps things warm and toasty in the living room at least.

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