I can live with that

Our child has constantly had the same dream when it comes to what she wanted to be when she grew up, an astronaut. When other little girls were playing with dolls, pretending to be teachers, or dentists, ours was pretending to fly to the moon as well as back. She loved all of those space movies that were so popular as well as the people I was with and I would catch her out on the swing set pretending to talk to Ground Control about her latest space discovery, then she worked genuinely difficult to achieve her dreams as well as now works at the astronautical facility in Florida. She still had hopes of space travel herself one day but in the mean time she helps design some of the component that goes up to the Space Station. Some of it is used for research while other pieces are designed to ensure the safety as well as comfort of the researchers on board. On her last visit she was telling us how they had improved the HVAC systems that are built into each person’s suit. These are crucial for maintaining as well as monitoring a person’s body temperature in the conditions that exist in space. The researchers spend weeks aboard the Space Station before returning as well as often times they need to travel outside the craft to gather data or make a repair. Without usual heat in their suits they would freeze within hours as well as not survive. Our child feels that she is making a significant contribution to the program even if she is not able to fly up there herself, one day, as technology evolves, maybe she will be able to see that dream come tploy as well.

New HVAC technology