There are ants in my kitchen

One of the worst things I can find in my kitchen, is ants.

I hate ants because I think my house is dirty if there are tons of ants.

The last time I had ants, I scrubbed everything in that room, including the window air conditioner. I cleaned everything that an ant could come out of. Today, I was sitting at my bar, working on my typewriter. I thought I felt a tickle on my arm and I thought it was just the hair on my arm because the air vent was pointed down on me. About a minute later, I felt the same tickle on my arm, but it seemed to be travelling. I looked down, and there was this tiny little ant. I scrubbed my bar down, but I couldn’t figure out where the ants had come from. All I could think of was that when it was so warm the other day, I had been working at the bar, and I knocked over the sugar bowl. I thought I had cleaned it up, but apparently, I had missed some. I turned up the air conditioning, knowing that ants didn’t like it cool. I scrubbed everything down and I hoped I didn’t see the ants anymore. I turned the air conditioner back down and started to go back to work. It was only two minutes and I was seeing ants again. I looked to see where they were coming from, but all I could see was a trail that came from nowhere. I finally saw a small piece of candy that was near my air conditioner. They were coming over to the air conditioner, in spite of the cold air, and taking the candy bit for bit.
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