The game is ruining my air conditioning

My husband recently discovered a new game.

He has been playing it on his phone, and I seldom see him when he doesn’t have his phone in his hands.

Sometimes, I wonder if he has that phone glued to his hand, he has it so often. Being a retired HVAC contractor, I thought that it should be an easy job for him, when our air conditioning unit broke down. I told him what was happening and I asked if he had the tools to fix it. He asked me if I forgot he worked with HVAC most of his life, and yes he had the tools. I left him outside looking at the AC unit and I went back inside to finish my housework. It seemed to be getting pretty warm in the house and I went over to turn the AC on, but I thought I had better check with my husband first. I didn’t want to turn the AC on if he had his fingers wrapped around the fan blade. I walked outside and he was sitting on a chair, playing his game. I arched an eyebrow when he looked up and I asked him if the AC was fixed. I told him it was getting a bit warm and humid in the house. He explained that he just had to get out of the sun for a little bit. Two hours later, the temperature was up to eighty degrees in the house, and I still didn’t have the go ahead to be able to turn the AC on. I went outside and he was still sitting on the porch. Before I had a chance to say anything, he told me the AC unit was fixed.


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