Our New Office Space Has HVAC Issues:

The company I work for purchased a new office building, so we’ve been moving everything from one building to the next.

When the CEO of the company sat us down a few weeks ago and told us about the move, we were all very excited. We would have brand new equipment, office supplies, and the building was in a better location. They offered us overtime if we spent the weekend helping them move everything, so I was excited! We all showed up bright and early Saturday morning ready to move. When we took the first load over, we were overwhelmed with the heat in the new office space. I set out to find the thermostat, and attempted to lower the temperature. When I lowered it, I noticed that the central air was working extra hard, and the air temperature wasn’t lowering. By the time we took our second load over, the office still wasn’t cool. I asked my boss about the lack of air conditioning, and he said he’d have a professional HVAC technician come out and take a look. The rest of that day was hot and miserable. I intended to stay and help set things up after moving all the boxes from one office to the next, but couldn’t bear the heat any longer. Our first day in the new space is in two days, so I’m hoping they can figure out what’s wrong with the HVAC system and fix it before we start! Nobody likes working in a stuffy space!


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