My Wife Got Our HVAC System Serviced At A Discount:

My wife is amazing.

  • Not only is she a hard worker, but she is an amazing mother and manages to keep our life organized and under control at all times.

I seriously lucked out when I got married to her, and tell her everyday how lost I’d be without her. The other day, I was flustered with my workload and had to stay late at the office. My amazing wife understood, and asked how she could help make life easier. I told her that it was time for our next bi-annual HVAC servicing appointment, and asked if she’d call the HVAC business in town. I’d been meaning to schedule a HVAC technician to come to our house and look everything over. My crazy work schedule put me behind, and I didn’t want to wait too long. With the transition of seasons, I knew we’d be put on a waiting list as it was. When I got home late that night, I asked my wife if she ended up calling the HVAC business and getting on the schedule. I was blown away when she told me that they’d already been to the house that afternoon and it was already done! She said they had a random cancellation, and were able to squeeze us in. Not only that, but my wife knew the receptionist at the office, so they gave her a heft discount for the servicing! From here on out, I’m just going to let my amazing wife set up our bi-annual servicing appointments.

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