Just no way to get warm

Have you ever noticed that when you have worked to the point of exhaustion that your body seems to take forever to recover.

This is especially true as you age.

When I was younger, I could work for days on end and feel just fine. Now that I am in my fifties it seems to take me a week to recover from a really exhausting day. With warm weather comes the added responsibility of yard work and this past week has really taken a toll on me. I work my job for eight hours and then come home to try and get a handle on my overgrown gardens. Just yesterday I spent three hours in the evening trying to get the vegetable garden ready to plant. I paid for it when I tried to get ready for bed. I lay in bed, shivering, even though it was nearly seventy in the house. My wife thought I was crazy when I asked her where the heated blanket was. She refused to pull it out and told me to plug in the small portable heater next to the bed if I felt that cold. I dug it out of the closet and turned it on high. I think my body was just revolting from all the extra work because even with blankets piled on top of me and the heater going I was still cold. I finally gave up and went to take a hot shower to try and calm my shaking. I really need to pace myself better when it comes to working so hard out in the yard. Either that, or break down and hire a landscaper to do some of it for me.

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