I wish I had a reliable and trustworthy HVAC technician for every bit of maintenance

You cannot overvalue trustworthy and knowledgeable contractors. It’s so easy to run into swindlers and con-artists ready to take your cash at a moments notice, spinning you around in circles with lies and scare tactics. It took me several years of dealing with terrible electricians before I found this local handyman who covers all of my electrical and plumbing needs in one. He’s basically a retired craftsman who does handyman work as a side job, but that’s in my favor because he’s not eager for work or income and will never pressure any of his clients into unnecessary procedures and false repairs. He fixed my shower drain and several blown electrical outlets all in the same day and charged the same hourly rate between the two, with some of the work overlapping. That means I saved more than I would hiring a plumber and electrician separately, on top of his hourly fees being much lower anyway. I only wished he serviced central heating and cooling systems because I need a new HVAC technician in the worst way possible. I was sold an air conditioner that I am now told is not large enough for the four bedroom house I own. I could never get the temperature down below 78 degrees during the summer right after purchasing it, and now I’m looking at buying a new air conditioner again to replace that one. I never signed a warranty or a guarantee contract with that particular HVAC supplier so I had no recourse. But, the huge issue I have is trusting anyone after this bad experience. I don’t want to go through several HVAC technicians before I finally find someone who is reputable.
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