Cruise had terrible ac

Prior to about several months ago, I had never set foot on a cruise ship… I always heard they were a lot of fun, and a good way to take a trip without spending a ton of money! Sure, there’s excursions that you can take when you reach the destination, however otherwise everything is usually included.

So, with that in mind, I figured the cruise ship must be pretty overpriced if people adore to ride on them so often, right? Well, I was honestly mistaken! There were several things about the cruise that I took which weren’t what I would call “luxury”, however for one, the bed I slept in was about five feet long – which is more than one feet shorter than what a normal bed should be, and plus, the food wasn’t all that great, more than anything else though, the air quality was just awful! You would guess that the a/c plan was pulling air directly out of the engine room in the hull of the ship, just from how foul and moderate it was, not once did the air in my room get cooler than eighty degrees, and it usually stayed significantly warmer than that.

My room was also pretty far below deck, so I couldn’t even open a window to appreciate some fresh air from the open sea, oh, and did I mention “sea leg syndrome”? I was nauseated from the moment all of us left the port! Between the food, the bed, the bad air quality plus the seasickness, I don’t guess I’ll be on another cruise anytime soon.
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