Why is it so cold?

There was a slight frightening experience that every one of us had this past winter.

This Wintertide was truly a bit too frosty & wet.

There were groundchopping snowfall amounts & for a while every one of us had to experience that. At times it felt enjoy Wintertide was probably never going to end. I remember seeing the news & seeing the morose weatherman stating that every one of us were getting almost 4 ft of snow in 1 freaking day. There were state emergencies warning people to get off of roads ASAP. I made sure to increase the temperature on our control unit for the family, so I set it to 74 degrees. I wanted enough heat in our condo so that every one of us would not be cold. Just as I was increasing the indoor temperature on the control unit & the heat pump kicked on it felt enjoy our condo was suddenly actually getting colder! didn’t make any sense to me. It turns out that randomly,after having our heating & cooling professional come & properly take a look at it before the snowstorm came, he diagnosed that our old heat pump unit was running in a/c mode & there was a pretty low refrigerant charge. Thankfully every one of us were able to have our heating & cooling professional immediately complete the concern within 2 hours before the snow started falling. There was no way for myself and others to have repaired this issue, it had to be fixed by an expert heating & cooling professional! Plus I have no plan what I would be even attempting at fixing i would not want to make the concern even larger & have to pay even more currency in fixing the potential concern that I caused.
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