Purchasing a dehumidifier

I live in a high rise apartment on the thirtieth floor, but for the most part, I really care about residing here, i have great views of the city, a small balcony, plus I can’t hear any traffic from up here… When I first moved in, it was the beginning of winter! The temperature while I was in the day was perfect for opening the windows plus letting a cool breeze in.

I never had to turn our furnace on, which saved me a lot of money on our utility bills! During the afternoons, I appreciate to keep our room cool. I’m one of those people who love to bundle up in a ton of blankets in a cool space. On certainly cooler afternoons, I’d turn our furnace on, but easily rarely. Throughout the Wintertide plus Spring seasons, I kept this heating plus air routine! However, now that I’m experiencing our first summer time on the thirtieth floor in this new apartment, things have completely changed, and not only does heat rise, but the summers are easily humid here. I’ve been struggling with sleeping through the night, because our air conditioner has to run typically to keep up with the heat, plus the air feels wet. There is so much humidity in our apartment, that items are falling off the walls! Breathing in wet air each night isn’t healthy, so I’ve decided to order more than one important dehumidifiers. I plan on placing one in the residing room, plus one in our bedroom. Not only will this eliminate the humidity in the air, but I’m hoping it will keep our air conditioner from running so hard.

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