HVAC due to our dog

My pet I just got from the pound is a little fluffywhite fur ball.

  • He is my favorite thing in the world, however sporadically he can be a real pest, and not only is he messy and all over the place, but he certainly messes around with our heating & cooling system.

No, I’m not saying that the animal climbs up on a chair & adjusts the temperature on the control unit or anything of the sort, but he does give me a large amount of problems with keeping the heating inside the house during the Wintertide and the a/c inside the house during the summer! See, this animal prefers to run in & out of the house more than any animal that I’ve ever met, and every single time I have to open the door for him, the outside air rushes in and the inside air makes its exit. I really do wish there was some way to explain to him that he’s costing me a fortune in heating & cooling bills, but of course, he’s more distraught about looking for squirrels and giving the mailman a hard time. My pet could care less about how much it costs to run the gas furnace & the a/c in our house. I don’t suppose – sporadically I wonder if it’s worth all of the extra money and a big pain to have a cat. Not long after I look at his furry little face and I truly know that I could never get rid of him. I know our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system will just have to keep on finally working a little harder & the people I was with and I will just have to keep paying a little bit more for heating & cooling for as long as he is a part of my family.


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